Saturday, February 16, 2008

Boiled Bananas and Other Off Road Adventures

Yesterday I went to the remaining rural and more tropical mountainous areas that we visit (someday soon, I promise to figure out that digital camera). I thought the first two trips were an adventure but yesterday's was even more so! We even landed in a quite deep hole and had a struggle getting the 4 wheel drive pick up back on the "path" that they charmingly call a "road" here.

Our group met with the men and women in charge of promoting the forward movement of the people in their particular area. Some of these people walk for hours to participate. My "farm vocabulary" is growing. Included in the coversation which lasted for 5 hours were topics such as pozos (wells), latrines, pregnant pigs and a cow that had to be 'put down' because of a broken leg/foot. We also discussed various development opportunities that will be coming up. In the middle of all this we had a humongous "almuerzo" (dinner) of rice, boiled bananas, spaghetti, a vegetable like summer squash and salad. They're heavy on carbs! Rice and red beans (gallo pinto) is a national food and eaten OFTEN. I'm doing fine because I like all of it, except the boiled bananas that are rather like clay and are most likely an acquired taste-pehaps this 1957 song adaption by the late Peter Sellers will help me acquire that taste:


Rudee said...

I'm liking your stories very much sister. Sounds like you are getting your feet wet. I hope the language skills are coming back to you ok! Miss you much here but the weather is brutal compared to your tropical atmosphere. So to that all I can say is enjoy your boiled bananas! Love the Peter Sellers song!

Anonymous said...

sister jean it sounds like a marvelous time stay out of the ruts lot of lov steve

Jeanne said...

Thanks Steve. I'll try my darndest to stay out of the ruts. I'm not driving here yet and have to rely on one of the fellows who drive these "roads"!

Sandy NP said...

I am finally catching up with your blogs. Love them and miss you. We are heading to Jamiaca mon next week to celebrate my birthday.