Sunday, February 3, 2008

Here With News of Jeanne

Hello Everyone!

Once again, I am guest posting for Sister Jeanne. She has not had the ability to post herself and has asked me to post an update. I received an email that she has arrived safely and is trying to acclimate although I don't believe this has much to do with the climate per se. In fact, if I know her, the weather is mighty fine by her standards. As luck would have it, she has missed our deep freezes and blizzards! Here for her pleasure, I have inserted a photo of what she is missing in an effort to help reassure her that her decisions were indeed on target:

I am going to try to get this blog spot address published in the hospital news so that all of her friends can periodically check in to see what is new. Barring that, I'll let word get out the old fashioned way: interoffice SNAIL MAIL! Also new for those who asked, this site has been reformatted to accept comments from anyone, not just bloggers or google account holders.

Feel free to leave comments here or just email her directly!! She will receive an email update each time comments are posted. I know she misses us all and sends a special hello to her friends here at the hospital.

Have a great day!

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Sandy NP said...

Glad you are missing the snow and ice. We are too here in sunny Indian Wells CA. Well must run and get ready for golf.
Sandy & Mike