Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Day in the Life

Good morning friends.  I don't have a lot new things to tell you about so I thought I would chat a bit about what comprises a "normal" day for me.  Many have inquired and I thank you for that!

I sleep under a mosquito net because if I don't, they munch on me all night!  Julie and I share the house and the only bedroom.  We have a few other "roommates" who share our home too.  I like to think of them as our mascots.  The ones I enjoy most are the chameleons that like to hang, play, chase and otherwise entertain.

I awaken early while it is still dark to the music of the barrio:  roosters crowing, women calling "pan, pan" (bread), our neighbor unchaining his gate, birds singing and sometimes cats on the roof having a spat.

After some quiet time and breakfast of fruit, bread and coffee, Julie and I go out to "sweep"(pushing the dust and sand around) the area in front of our house which includes half the street.  We then clean out the drainage trough and water the street and plants in front and in the patio area in the back.  I'm working hard to get this process down so I'm not totally muddy and wet by the end of it all!  

Depending on what is happening on a particular day, I go back to clean up (showers aren't hot here but aren't icy cold either) and head on over to the Cantera office.  I meet with other members of our team or go out to one of our rural sites in the hills.

Meals are simple yet sufficient.  Fruits are plentiful as are rice, beans, vegetables, yuca and some meat.  I live with a sister who is heavily into natural medicines so I see a lot of soy products too.

On weekends we do a variety of things, but chores always include washing and hanging clothes to dry.   And sweeping: otherwise known as moving the dust and sand around.  We have a local mass which has great participation at six o'clock in the evening.

So much for my "dailyness" south of the border.  

Take care my friends!


Rudee said...

Your mornings sound just like mine except it is snow I keep sweeping around! Had another half inch or so this morning!

Theresa said...

A day in your life sure is a "little" different these days! It's great to read your blogs. Now that we have the address Erika and I can keep current. We love and miss you tremendously! I will be emailing you shortly.

Sandy NP said...

Ruth is right we are moving snow around nearly every morning and its MARCH. Thanks for the vision of a day in the life.....xo