Thursday, March 10, 2011

Random Acts of Kindness

It’s about time for me to check in once again. Actually, I’m overdue! Hopefully, those of you who are still in the grip of winter weather are finding some hopeful signs of a warmer future. Here we are still experiencing the more pleasant time of the year but each afternoon I’m reminded of the heat to come as it gets warmer each day. I’ll not complain!!

Recently, one of the sisters of my congregation visited us for a week in preparation for bringing a group of high school students to Nicaragua next February. I thought it might be interesting for you to hear the observations of a person who was experiencing a very different reality for the first time. Her perceptions are very typical of the folks who come to such a land as ours.

Everything is so different! … There’s very little personal space! … There are people selling everything, everywhere. … There’s a lot of physical openness (the outside and the inside are one!) … There is plastic everywhere, in every form There’s constant noise. The people are very warm and receptive … It’s hard to orient yourself. Kids are kids no matter where you are on this planet. … There are lots of smiles. We can live with less. We’re really not entitled to anything

These observations give us much to ponder as we begin Lent and try to be open to life in whatever form it presents itself….through each person - no matter the diversity, through nature, through insights and inspirations etc.

One of our sisters is working with our program, “St. Joseph, Worker” located in New Orleans, LA which invites volunteers to participate for a year in various social work activities. In her recent blog Jackie proposed uniting with others in doing Random Acts of Kindness – “being attentive to new life and goodness” during the Lenten Season. Maybe you’d be interested in joining in this venture. I’ve started and hope to see it through until Easter. If you’re interested in learning more about the St. Joseph, Worker program, the link can be found on our website: which also includes the ‘Sister Act 3’ link.

Life here goes on with very little improvement for the poor of the land. We’re in the dry season so at least there aren’t experiencing the problems which come with the intense rains. Every now and then there’s a ray of hope and so one hangs onto those moments. Of course, the children are always a symbol of hope. So I’ll include a photo of our children as a reminder that we all need to hope but also work toward a better future for all.

What Random Act of Kindness did you have the opportunity to perform today?

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