Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tropical Greetings!

Managua, Nicaragua

February 1, 2011

Reporting in from the land of lakes and volcanoes … and periodic ‘shakes’ – we’ve had two just lately!

I arrived back in Managua on Wednesday the 19th after a rather protracted time in the States where I visited my family and many friends, made my annual retreat of 6 days, had far too many medical matters checked out, participated in our congregational visitation by the Vatican appointed visitors and among other matters, ate too much!! The last week was spent in Chicago where I was privileged to participate in the First Profession of a member of our congregation. All winter clothing, and there were many items, were left in Chicago and sometime between now and next winter they will find their way back to ‘base camp’ in Detroit.

I thought you’d appreciate a bit of sunshine and warmth and balmy breezes, so I’m including those in this blog. Hopefully, you can feel them. I’ll include photos to jog your memory of warmer climes.

We’ve been into planning sessions because we are beginning the year anew here in Nicaragua. It’s comparable to September in the States. The children will return to classes in mid-February if not sooner - private schools start at the beginning of the month. I’m sure the parents are ready to have their little and big students get back into routine and the neighbors are, too.

While I was home my sister-in-law gave me a newspaper clipping about a project being planned by a young man, Erick, from my home town of Flint. Now Flint suffers from a less than great reputation, but good things/people do emanate from there. This lad is a student at Carmen-Ainsworth High School, the school my nieces and nephews attended many years ago. Erick’s a swimmer, as were my nieces and nephews, so in more than one way, I was interested in this young man’s project. It seems Erick became aware of the water crisis present in our world and so he decided to do something about it. He decided to link his swimming to a water project that provides safe drinking water for impoverished areas. On December 30th he swam 10 miles in his high school pool which is equivalent to 704 laps. It took him 6 hours and 8 minutes to accomplish the feat. He had asked friends, family and anybody who’d respond to sponsor him. He raised $15,095.00 for I wrote him a letter of encouragement before hand and told him of my gratitude for his interest in water projects and his efforts. I explained my experience in Nicaragua and that I had experienced the great need for water projects. Recently I received a response written after the fact. In his communication of gratitude, Erick said, “God used a variety of people in a variety of ways…through prayers, encouragement and financial support. What an amazing thing that God used so many people to spread His love (through availability of water, the basic requirement for life … my words!) around the world.”

They calculate that $25.00 will provide one person with clean water for life. So, one creative teen was able to raise enough money to accomplish this for over 600 persons. We can each make a difference in our school, family, neighborhood, world by using our talents, skills, creativity, connections, etc. It might be through encouragement of another, prayer support, donation of money or resources or whatever. We can each do something to make a difference. What might you have done recently to accomplish a difference? Credit yourself and share it with another. Perhaps the other person will be inspired to creatively make a difference, too.

I will be back with you before long. I’m grateful for all of you who take time to follow and read, Sister Act 3. Many have told me of your interest and I’ve connected with other folks because of your connecting. Blessings on your new year…gosh we’re already into the second month. How time flies when we’re thinking of others and making a difference in the lives of others.

Love and Peace,



Anonymous said...

It's 25 and a beautiful sunny day in Detroit. I saw your pix on the CSJ website. Take care. Dot

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jeanne,
I so appreciated your accounting of Erick's water project. It's refreshing to hear the good things youth (& Flint) are doing instead of so much of the negative.
I also enjoyed your pics of the flowers - reminded me of the trees that lined Calle Callao in Nazca near our "first" convent.
I'm happy you got to Jenn's celebration; I was able to be with her for her reception at Naz.-- how proud the sisters were!
I had a CSJ from London, Ont. (refugee advocate) and a fella from Eritrea stay with me last night. Long story for another time, but what a "global" stretch hearing their stories!
You said you will be with us "soon"??
Love & Blessings for St. Valentine's Day,