Monday, April 21, 2008

Water and Thanks

When the well is dry, we know the worth of water.


Here are some photos of my most recent experience in the rural area. It was the inauguaration of the well that has been so long desired and badly needed by the people of the comarcas (communities) of Las Yucas, Las Latas-Lajas. Several groups, of which we are a primary one, have helped this to come to fruition.

Several 'dignitaries' were present, among whom were the Mayor of Mateare - the larger city to which the small rural communities are related - and representatives of the sponsoring groups. The "water commission" folks were congratulated for their work in getting this accomplished and for getting the area men to dig the trenches for the tubing that will extend the water to greater distances and thus serve more areas. (There is a previous photo which shows young men loading white tubing for the aquaduct.)

Now the people can come with their barrels on oxen drawn carts and fill them. Before they had to travel much, much further to have any water. The problem is that the water table is very deep and only with electricity can it be pulled to the surface. There was great rejoicing and celebrating and MANY, MANY words during this very important moment. Afterwards, of course, there was a meal.

Before the celebration began, one of the young fellows mentioned to me that they were slaughtering a calf across the road. I DID NOT want to witness that! Then after a while I realized that the young men were bringing ribs and legs and the rest of the calf to the barbecue pit they had dug previously!!!! Oh my, I like grilled meat but I don't care to know the animal prior to eating it!!

The first photo is of me and an elderly man, Senor Jose. He is 84 years old - his wife is 95 and couldn't walk the 2.5 kilometers in order to attend. Jose is one of the founders of this little community. He is delightful, alert, proud of his people and very eager to share his experiences. We had a great time together.

Oh yes, I had the opportunity to attend the Symphony on Saturday night. What a joy!! When they played the theme from the movie, "The Mission" I was so touched. This "Song of Gabriel" played on the oboe is one of my very favorites. It's beautiful, haunting and makes me cry!! Today's You-Tube music selection is Gabriel's Oboe by Yo-Yo Ma. I hope you enjoy it as much as me.

Your sister,



Anonymous said...

The things we take for granted! I think I can't live without the water and ice in the fridge door! Know that as you help the people of Nicaragua, you also teach us quite a lesson. I love the picture of you and Senor Jose. We miss you but you certainly seem happy in your new work. You are in our prayers!


Anonymous said...

Clearly, you are in your element. You are missed and loved but seem so at peace in your photograph. How could I do more than wish you well in these endeavors?

Peace Sister,