Monday, April 7, 2008

Miserable Meeces.....

I haven't written as much because the phone bill came and carumba! It was really high. So I'm trying to pace myself and use the dial-up as little as possible and yet stay in touch.

We're topping 100 degrees today. It gets warmer every day. I continue to get more involved in ministry and am beginning to work on some reflections for groups and ways of deepening spirituality in the various sectors that we work with.

Holy Week is most interesting here. Everything slows WAY DOWN from Wednesday through Easter. It's not that the people are involved in "spiritual, religious matters". It's just that it's their vacation time and many people go to the beaches which are HIGHLY CONTAMINATED. Obviously, we stayed home and did participate in the religious services which were very meaningful and related to the lived reality of present day Nicaragua. We had a peaceful Easter at the home of some Wisconsin/Nicaraguan sisters. Their home is outside of the city so it was quiet and relaxing.

I've had "fun" with mice lately. A caring mama mouse built a comfy nest under my bottom drawer and deposited her offspring within! Needless to say, it was not a good choice on her part! I love animals but that was not what I needed in my tiny bedroom space. They went to mouse heaven! Mother followed soon after!

I continue to learn many things. I can fly around the city on several buses which is an accomplishment. At certain hours (early morning, midday and supper time) they are crowed to the gills and 'there's always room for 4 or 5 more"! You need to have your wits about you, keep balanced, watch your toes and protect your backpack at all the same time. Buses are frequent and cost only about 15 cents per ride, so most of us travel this way. I do not have any new photos. I'll work on that.


Rudee said...

Poor mice. If they are nesting indoors now, what are they trying to tell you? I think you'd better keep your umbrella handy.

Anonymous said...

I like your classy look. Please don't send the mice our way!!