Thursday, March 25, 2010

Another Journey

Dear followers of “Sister Act 3”,

I have been procrastinating about updating this blog and now it’s time to leave Nica land for a short while. I will be traveling to the States for Holy Week in Detroit and then Easter Week in Chicago for congregational meetings. There will be over 400 of us gathered there as we meet and plan and enjoy each other….and that we do, very well. Once back from Chicago I’ll have two days in Managua and then be off with the other two CSJs from here to meet up with our Marie Hogan (Leadership Team) from the States and Jan Kurtz who ministers in Lima, Peru, for our gathering of C/SSJs who live and work in Latin America and the Caribbean area. This happens every 5 years and in a different country each time. It will be a great two weeks sharing and meeting and enjoying with others who are engaged in similar ministries with our sisters and brothers in this part of our world. I will blog after the events and let you know how everything unfolded. We return on April 29th, so I’ll check back in sometime in the beginning of May.

While I’m in Detroit I’ll be connecting with the students from Shrine Junior and Senior High School and bringing them a bit of the reality of life in a tropical/dry Nicaragua which is the second poorest country next to Haiti. They’ve been collecting funds to pay for a cow which will be a great help for some family.

The timing is just right, since this has been their Lenten project and it will help the connection between ‘here’ and ‘there’. Thanks to Mary Ann and all who have put forth effort into this project.

The last time I wrote we were engaged in starting a ‘vivero’ nursery of trees. The 15,000 little black bags now have been filled and they have seeds within and hopefully are growing and thriving. After 3 – 4 months they will be able to be transplanted. They are part of a reforestation project. The big challenge is keep them watered. We haven’t had rain since forever….and it’s nowhere in sight! Everything is VERY dry, dusty and non-green!! It will be good to experience some RAIN in Michigan and Illinois. Remind me not to complain about it when I’m there!!!

May Holy Week bring many blessings and Easter a time of great joy and celebration of ‘life conquering death’.

Until next time when we meet at “Sister Act 3”, many thanks for all each one does to make this world a better place for everyone.

Love and peace,



Anonymous said...

Jeanne it is wonderful what is taking place where you are at, but I will pray that the rain will come so the trees will be able to grow. Sal from Nazareth

Grace said...

It was REALLY great to see you at the Assembly in Chicago! Your presence enriched us, as I know it must enrich "Nica"! Remember the balloons... heading down to Central America.... and know that there's love being sent as well!
Safe Travels home, and to Argentina!