Friday, March 20, 2009


I wanted to include the following in my last communication but for a variety of reasons, it didn´t happen!

So....I want to tell you of another project that´s taking place. The people of Las Parcelas, one of our rural communities, have dreamed of having a chapel in their area for MANY, MANY years. Well, they decided that if they never started...even though they didn´t have the resources and everyone put in their ¨grain of sand¨, as they say here, then maybe it would eventually happen. Well they did...and it is very slowly moving along but the people have great pride in their accomplishments, simple as they are. The photos show you what they´ve accomplished so far. The beautiful young woman in the photos is Karlita, the granddaughter of the matriarch of the community, Gertrudis. They have a framework up and a roof on. They´re trying to figure out how to pay for the cement for the floor. Anyone interested in putting in their ´grain of cement´??

Also, we don´t have Easter egg hunts down here....we have mango (mahn go....not mang o) hunts. Every morning and evening and in between, Julie and I check out our back ´forested´patio for the mangos that fall from the neighbors huge mango tree!! The law says, if it falls in your´s yours!! Well, we find them in plain view but also within plants, bushes, behind shrubs, inside´s fun and I love mangos!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Jeanne,

Just read about the chapel -- what a sign of hope, pride, and solidarity! Say a prayer for me when you visit (even before it's finished!)
Looking forward to your time home....